Our Story

Our Mission
At SoFreshSmells we produce quality handmade soap and skincare products, utilizing all natural ingredients to promote self-care and whole-body wellness.
Our Products, "Hot Process"
SoFreshSmells utilizes the time-honored tradition of "hot process" soap making, using all natural fragrances, herbs and essential oils with each product. We acquire our products based on extensive research into naturopathic products that promote wellness with each individual in mind.
Our Community, "Family Forward"
SoFreshSmells was created for people who are concerned with their environment and building a safer legacy for their posterity. By using all natural products, we promote the concept of lessening our carbon footprint to ensure that future generations know that we were committed to the welfare and longevity of our planet.
Our Vision "People, People"
SoFreshSmells is a family operated company that seeks to provide high-quality products that nurture the heart, soul and mind. Our products are derived from authentic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging with a commitment to consistency and quality. By sharing in the SoFreshSmells experience, you partner with us in expanding our network of caring individuals who are committed to the greater good for the community at large. SoFreshSmells is not just a brand, It's a concept.