Moringa Gift Basket Set

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Give your loved one the gift of wellness with this limited time offer.
Receive our new Moringa Infused Body Butter, Infused Moringa body Oil, Moringa Smoothing Cream, Infused Moringa Facial Mask, along with a Tierra Milagro Soap Bar, Dried Moringa Leaf Tea, and Moringa seeds for planting.

Moringa is called the Miracle Tree, Also known as the TREE OF LIFE because it pretty much helps heal whatever ailments you need to treat. Moringa has 2 times the VITAMIN C of Oranges, 4 times the VITAMIN A as Carrots, 3 times the POTASSIUM as Bananas, 17 times more CALCIUM than Milk.

We add raw and/or dried Moringa leaves to our daily tea and will also sprinkle the leaves throughout meals like salad and stir-frys!